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Do you feel your home is too full of clutter? According to a survey by British Heart Foundation, the average British homeowner has £514 worth of items they never use. (1)

Clutter is an inescapable fact of modern life, and Shrewsbury Homes knows how highly valued lots of space is by property buyers in today’s market. Even with the best intentions of leading a more minimalistic existence, you’re likely to end up with things in your home you don’t need, you’ve outgrown physically or emotionally, or you just don’t have the space for. Let’s face it – you can’t really turn down gifts or stop buying anything but food!

Now is the perfect time for decluttering

We often put off house cleaning due to busy lives but moving home is an excellent time to get rid of clutter. Many of us have lots we’d rather not bring with us in the move, and it’s an opportunity to make a fresh start and seriously lighten the load of your unwanted belongings. With Christmas coming up, when decorations and gifts from relatives and friends will be flooding into the house, we’ll all be looking for ways to make some extra room.

It can be hard to know where to start, and often we end up just moving things around rather than getting rid of them for good. Does that sound familiar? To help you fight the good fight against old, broken or unwanted items, here are five simple steps to declutter your home:

1.     Talk to your family members or partner.

As keen as you may be on a clutter-free life, you’ll be fighting a losing battle if the people who share your home aren’t aware of your intentions. Even those of us who regularly declutter can find ourselves overwhelmed if partners and children keep adding to the pile of ‘stuff’. So why not ask them to help you? See if they’d mind being more mindful of what they bring into the house or if they could restrict what they buy to absolute necessities. At least for a while…! You could even encourage them to go through their own items, so the whole job isn’t totally down to you. Toys, shoes, clothes, books… there may be plenty they are willing to get rid of straightaway. Charity shops will welcome most donations in good enough order.

2.     Choose one room and start small.

You may want to get your home cleaned out all in one go but tackling everything at once can be a daunting job. Maybe you’ve just spent a whole weekend decluttering and it’s left you exhausted and less inclined to continue. An alternative would be focusing on one room at a time, or even just one cupboard. Then you can move on the next day or even next weekend. Although this makes the process longer overall, it is more likely to get completed. Break down the Herculean task into something far more manageable that you can do on a Sunday morning or for a couple of hours after work. Every little helps!

3.     See each task through to the end.

If you’ve spent a good hour sorting through your wardrobe, don’t leave that bin bag of unwanted clothes by the door for the next time you go to the charity shop. Plan ahead. Once you’ve completed each specific decluttering task, move the “waste” from your home immediately to its intended destination. Even well-organised clutter that is ready to take to the clothes bank is still clutter if it’s sitting around waiting to be dealt with.

4.     Don’t go mad on handy storage.

It’s tempting to believe that stackable, wipe-down storage containers will solve all your clutter problems. But if you haven’t made any new space, they will simply end up adding to the clutter, albeit a bit more prettily…. Clear out first, then decide how many storage bins and boxes you might need to safely store the things you want to keep.

5.     Enjoy the feeling of a more spacious home.

Don’t forget what a therapeutic experience decluttering can be. Often we get lost in the stress of sorting or the existential crisis that you will probably have to declutter again next month, and the next… Cleaning out your home is a constant process but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. Put on your favourite music, makes yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger) and start clearing with the knowledge that you’re going to make home life simpler. After you’ve completed each decluttering task, enjoy the feeling of a small job well done. Once you get addicted to this feeling you’ll never want to stop decluttering!


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(1)   Kolirin, L. (2014) Britain’s secret hoarding habit revealed – The Daily Express. Available from: [Accessed 21st November 2016]

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