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Are you considering buying a house in Shrewsbury? Do you long for a rural family home or perhaps an apartment in the town centre? Are you looking to buy ready-to-move-in or keen to personalise your property? Whatever your wishes, the local team at Shrewsbury Homes can help.

The building experts

Shrewsbury Homes has been building developments for over fifteen years now, and we offer a large range of options, from location to size to the opportunity for clients to get involved in the design of their new home.

In order to help you find your dream house in Shrewsbury, we developed our Wishlist, a handy online tool that allows you to select your ideal criteria. These are the possibilities to consider when filling in our Wishlist:


The first thing we ask you is what size property you are searching for. We develop different types of property, from two-bedroom homes to five-bedroom family homes, so there is something to suit every buyer. Many of our three-bedroom houses are popular with investors as well as first-time buyers, while our larger homes are bought by families seeking to settle in popular Shrewsbury and pass their home onto their children one day. At the end of the day, you know what size of home will best suit your needs for the foreseeable future.


We are committed to building quality developments in our home county, and build exclusively within Shropshire. One of the beauties of the heart of England is that it offers stunning rural as well as urban locations. Hence it is an ideal place for those looking for a property that combines the best of both.

Past developments of ours have included the suburban cul de sac Pensfold Court, on the edge of Bicton Heath, and the Anchorage, a luxury example of town centre living with beautiful views across the River Severn. The longest river in the UK, don’t you know…! 220 miles, if you’re interested.

One of our current developments is The Farrs, set in the picturesque village of Dorrington. Being only ten minutes’ drive from Shrewsbury, The Farrs combines the quiet comforts of village life with the culture of a medieval market town. Stoneleigh Park at Acton Burnell will be coming soon… more new houses in Shrewsbury that we will be able to offer!

Which of these sounds the most appealing to you? Once you have decided, simply choose from Rural, Village or Town on our Wishlist.


The average number of vehicles per household in the West Midlands is 1.22 cars. (1) Simply let us know how many cars you will need space for.

Garden size

Our garden requirements can say a lot about us. With four out of five UK families making children-related changes to their gardens, such as creating safe space for running around and building vegetable plots, it’s clear garden size is important to those looking for family homes. (2) For some, a large outdoor space is a crucial feature of a home, while for others it simply isn’t manageable. It’s entirely up to preference, and with our Wishlist you can choose whether you’re looking for a small, medium or large garden plot.


House prices have risen in Shropshire, with a 4.33% annual increase in the average property price recorded in November 2016. (3) Listening to the needs of our clients means we are still dedicated to providing housing for all househunters, whether your budget is under £150k or over £350k.

Buying off-plan

If you love the idea of building your own home, but don’t know where to start or want to avoid all the hassles of project managemet, buying one of our properties early is the ideal solution. With the help of our expert team, you can custom design your new property, changing internal layouts as well as choosing bespoke fittings.

Whether or not that is something that appeals to you, simply let us know via our Wishlist and we will consider whether buying off-plan is right for you.

How we help

Once you have submitted your criteria online, a member of Shrewsbury Homes will look over your requirements and get in touch to discusss how we can best match your needs to your dream home. Whether you already have one of our properties in mind or think you might need some advice, we can help.

Find the Shrewsbury Homes Wishlist HERE.

If you require further information, please call Amanda Love on 07792 498927.


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