On average, UK households spend more than half of their fuel money on heating and hot water. (1) With energy costs rising sharply in the UK, as a result it’s more important than ever to have an energy efficient and cost-effective home.

Retrofittings can be carried out on older properties, but they will never fully match the standards of a new house built to the Government’s code for sustainable homes. We believe this is why some should consider purchasing a new build.

Committed to sustainability

Shrewsbury Homes builds eco-friendly properties for several reasons. Not only does it mean warmer, cosier homes, it also saves you, the owner, money. We use sustainable products and building methods wherever possible.

We’re proud to build within Shropshire, as the Shropshire Council is committed to their Sustainability, Environment and Climate Change Policy. Part of this is to empower communities and businesses to become more sustainable and climate resilient.

The benefits

A whole-house approach to energy efficiency means checking that all aspects of the build are as efficient as can be. This includes insulation and air sealing, convector heating systems, windows, doors and skylights.

Energy efficient doors and windows have a number of benefits. Of course, they help to save you money on heating bills. They also make for a more comfortable home, reducing cold spots and condensation. In addition they create a quieter home, using sound-reduction technology for a greater sense of privacy.

These insulating, draught-proof windows and doors could save you around £25 per year. (2)

Investing in the future

Before you buy a new home, you should consider its energy efficiency rating, and what steps have been taken to make it as economical as possible.

Buying a new build is an investment in your future energy bill savings and in the value of the property. Quality houses, such as the ones Shrewsbury Homes builds, will last for generations, and the more sustainably constructed, the more durable they will be.


If you are looking to buy a new home in Shropshire, whether off-plan or fully designed by Shrewsbury Homes, we’d like to help. Please call Amanda Love on 07792 498927 for more information.


new builds save money and the environment


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