House Removals GuideAt Shrewsbury Homes, we pride ourselves on being a local company that focuses on the quality of our service as well as our houses. Hopefully this is why new purchasers of our Shropshire properties may love the modern rural living accommodation we offer, but also say that our support and advice are equally important.

Nevertheless, moving house is still one of the most stressful things we do in our lives. So, let’s beat the angst and start new homeowners off on the right foot! The best thing we can do is Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Before the Big Day

First of all, most people will know how important it is to sort out your transport for moving day. Spend some time comparing the quotes (and service) of different removals companies. Shrewsbury Homes is happy to provide recommendations but, depending on the size of your move, it may be more cost effective to hire a man with a van locally. If you don’t have much homeware and furniture, this will be worth looking into.

Ideally, removals companies will be registered with The British Association of Removers for your peace of mind.

If you are going down the ‘man and a van’ route, or even a friend with a van, you should check what insurances they have in place for damage to your property and possessions.

Buy a large amount of cardboard boxes! It is always better to over-order. Some boxes may break but, most importantly, you tend to have more things than you realise or some items just don’t box well. Bubble-wrap, freezer bags, strong bin liners, scissors and tape are very helpful on the day too.

Defrost your freezer! You definitely do not want melting water ruining any items in the removals van.

Tie up any loose ends with organisations that take money from you. Make sure the council and utilities companies know your moving date and don’t forget to change your mailing address with credit card companies, DVLA and your bank. For all other mail, the post office can redirect it from your old house, which costs from £29.99 for three months (per surname).

Speak to your insurance company and ensure that Buildings & Contents cover is in place for the day you move.

Packing up and LoadingHouse Removals Shrewsbury

When it comes to packing, labelling boxes with room names is a great start. Flat-packing down any furniture is also a must. When you’re paying for people to help you move, there really isn’t time to be trying to find the right Allen key for that extra large bookcase! Put screws or nuts and bolts from each item into its own freezer bag and tape it on once you’ve disassembled it.

Removals experts know this, but check that furniture is loaded into the vans last as these items are best to come out first at the other end. You don’t want to be moving sofas and beds into your new place if the floors are littered with boxes. Health & Safety, see…!

Naturally, a more convenient but more costly option is to pay the removals firm extra to do all the packing for you. This may work out better for some people, especially large families or perhaps the elderly and less mobile. Packing lots of items up properly can be an exhausting, time-consuming task.

Arriving at your New House

When you get to your new property, it’s sensible to put down old dustsheets or broken down boxes on the floor to protect it and then you can bring in all the furniture. Guide the removals people into the correct rooms for the big items, not forgetting to shout, “Pivot! Pivot!” when they’re negotiating your heavy bed up the stairs….

Once everything is in, sort the removal folk out with a tip or a ‘thank you’ drink in celebration of your new home. Then we’d advise cleaning and organising the house one room at a time, although you might need a sleep or another drink first….


If you are buying one of our properties and would like to discuss any aspect of your sale or move, please call Amanda on 07792 498927.

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