Spring and summer events in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Homes has been building properties in Shropshire since 2000, and based in Shrewsbury itself, it’s no secret that we are big fans of the local community. Full of wonderful people and places, the town combines rich history with stunning countryside, bustling...

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Finding your dream new house in Shrewsbury

Are you considering buying a house in Shrewsbury? Do you long for a rural family home or perhaps an apartment in the town centre? Are you looking to buy ready-to-move-in or keen to personalise your property? Whatever your wishes, the local team at Shrewsbury Homes can...

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Decluttering your home in five easy steps

Do you feel your home is too full of clutter? According to a survey by British Heart Foundation, the average British homeowner has £514 worth of items they never use. (1) Clutter is an inescapable fact of modern life, and Shrewsbury Homes knows how highly valued lots...

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A history of Dorrington and The Farrs

Shropshire really is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Shrewsbury Homes is always looking for new development land across our fair county on which to build desirable properties. When we come across a stunning rural setting in a convenient location and with handy...

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The benefits of open plan living

As a property developer, Shrewsbury Homes builds houses with a wide variety of layouts to suit the modern home-owner. We design many with open plan ground floors in mind. The Radley and the Malvern at The Farrs development in Dorrington are two such examples,...

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Selling your home? Here’s how to improve its value.

If you’re moving and selling your home in Shrewsbury, you’ll be looking to maximise the value of your home. Making the best of what you’ve got and not being shy to put in a little effort can make a surprising difference to the final price you’ll sell your house for....

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Looking to run a business from home in Shrewsbury?

For many, it’s the dream. Working from home, either flexibly for another business or being your own boss and running your own. Shrewsbury Homes is seeing more and more couples and new families buying properties with the view of running a business from home. Whether...

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The history of Shrewsbury

Most of the Shrewsbury Homes team were born and bred in Shrewsbury. Like most who live here or have ever visited, we love our beautiful and culturally significant town. Shrewsbury Homes has been building properties in and around the town for almost two decades, but...

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The benefits of buying a new build

Buying a home comes with a number of choices, among them the decision of whether to look for an older property or a new house. When it comes to our development projects, Shrewsbury Homes isn’t about ‘flat-pack housing’ and identical designs; to us, ‘new’ does not...

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