Have you always been drawn to the idea of living in a village, yet not quite known why? Or are you looking to move, but aren’t sure whether life in a Shropshire village is the right fit for you?

The county of Shropshire is home to many picturesque villages tucked away in the most beautiful countryside. Living in a Shropshire village means a quieter, more tranquil way of life, without having to compromise on the culture, work opportunities and nightlife that the city or town affords. Not convinced? Let us explain…

The quiet life

Perhaps you need a change of pace, or you’re settling down to start a family, or retiring. Village life provides a peaceful backdrop for those seeking a more sedate lifestyle. Children can enjoy more space to play outside, there are plenty of rejuvenating countryside rambles to be had with dogs, and you are more likely to be woken by the sounds of nature than of a busy road.

Many people move to Shropshire villages to escape the speed of city life, but they might not want to give up everything the town or city has to offer. The great news? Choosing a Shropshire village needn’t mean an isolated existence, as all our developments are within short driving distance of Shrewsbury and Telford, as well as the A5/M54 motorway network leading to the M6 and Birmingham.

Stunning scenery

Of course, one of the best parts of living in a village has to be the surrounding area. Shropshire is home to some of the most beautiful countryside you could find in the UK, with its soft, rolling hills and large, expressive skies.

Our goal as property developers is not to build structures that are incongruous with their surroundings, but that nestle in and enhance the area around them. As well as being attractive and modern, our developments are eco-friendly and harmonious with the stunning locations they sit in. Living in your dream home isn’t just about the building itself, but where the building sits, the view from your windows and what you see when you walk out of your door.


Many residents tell us that one aspect of village life that is hard to find anywhere else is the close-knit community. Nowadays, living in a town or city you may never even see your neighbours or know who lives around the corner. The idea of being friendly with fellow residents seems to belong to a bygone time.

If anonymity appeals to you, it may be hard to retain this in a village, and so could be something to consider when deciding to move. However, if you aren’t against getting to know your neighbours, the community can provide a wonderful sense of support and safety.

History and culture

It’s rare that a village in the Britain isn’t a site of some historical or cultural interest. Every village will have its own stories, and often its own ancient church or fair/festival and traditions. There’s a touch of magic to living somewhere with history.

For instance, Acton Burnell, the picturesque site for our upcoming development Stoneleigh Park, is designated as a conservation area and is home to the English Heritage site of Acton Burnell Castle. This graceful red sandstone structure was built in the 13th century by Bishop Burnell, Edward I’s Lord Chancellor, and Parliaments were held in the castle twice, in 1283 and 1285. Despite its abandonment over 600 years ago, the castle remains an impressive example of a medieval fortified manor house.

If you choose to move to a village, who knows what you will discover about the local history?

Moving to a Shropshire village

Shrewsbury Homes builds exclusive apartments and family homes only within Shropshire. Our developments include generously sized family homes at The Farrs in Dorrington, an area often described as “the gateway to the Shropshire hills”. We also have exciting new projects in place for 2017, including Stoneleigh Park in the village of Acton Burnell and a site in Nesscliffe.

If you would like to get in touch regarding buying a new home in a village, and perhaps working with us to design your home when buying ‘off-plan’, please call Amanda Love on 07792 498927.

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