As reputable builders of quality homes in Shropshire, we at Shrewsbury Homes often ask, “What makes a house a home?”

Bricks, mortar and a roof are what make a house, but what transforms a house into a home? What gives it a heart and soul? To answer those questions, we’ve pulled together a few famous quotes that we think sum it up perfectly…

The Heart

According to Rachael Ray, presenter on the Food Network, “Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home.”

The kitchen has often been described as the heart of the home. We think Rachael Ray is definitely on to something. With Shrewsbury Homes you have the opportunity to give the heart of your home that extra strong heartbeat with a bespoke kitchen. A worktop island? A breakfast bar? It’s all possible.

Hand-pick the look and design of your kitchen from a wide range of high quality products and finishes, to give you the perfect space to fit your everyday needs. We believe it’s all about making the house work for you and the way your family lives day-to-day.

The Soul

With the kitchen providing the heart, what provides the soul? Well, you do! Family, friends, and pets are the oxygen that breathe life into your home. A home is somewhere you can be yourself and surround yourself with those most important to you.

William Shakespeare wrote, “People are usually the happiest at home.”  With all the stresses modern life presents, having somewhere to just be you, a sanctuary where you can relax is all the more important. Purchasing one of our properties off-plan, before construction has been completed, allows you to personalise your future house to match your individual needs and tastes, once more turning that house into your home.


In the words of Jane Austen, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” At Shrewsbury Homes our craftsmen are happy to use fixtures, fittings and features that you have personally picked. As long as there are no structural complications we can even move interior walls around! Your home will be just what you want and all the more comfortable to live in.

With a bespoke design service and the ability to personalise your future home to your needs and tastes right down to the paint on the walls, it’s clear why Shrewsbury Homes build homes rather than houses.

To discuss your dream home, please contact Shrewsbury Homes today on 07792 498927.


What makes a house a home?


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